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Robin Eley
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Thursday, January 30, 2003
Here is how the GSAC has faired so far this year in the Top 25.

2002-2003 Rankings

It might seem a little more complicated than it really is....if you look at it for a minute, it'll make sense. Each school that has had a top 25 ranking is represented by a color.

This year's squad has been on a wild ride between big victories and difficult losses. The NAIA pollsters have had a tough time placing the team. As you can see, there has been a mix of high and low rankings and we've fallen out of the top 25 twice.

What will happen next Tuesday when the rankings come out after a loss at Fresno Pacific?

2002-2003 Rankings

Monday, January 27, 2003
It has been a while since the last blog published by either AP or myself, so with a lot of basketball on the mind and in a half apologetic mood, I shall proceed.

Last night in Azusa we took on the mighty, fourth ranked Cougars in a classic. Prior to the game, amid our pre-game speech by Coach Moore (who, by the way, now has 200 career wins) and Azain, given stats and game plans galore, Mitch (Pierce) was able to share his thoughts on the game. "I believe it was Franklin Delanor Roosevelt who said, 'There is nothing to fear but fear itself.' That is the approach we need to take to tonight." And to put it just as succinctly, that is precisely what we did (or didn't however you're looking at it).

The final score was 84-81, but with the burden, and the monkey that comes with it, being lifted from our shoulders after a heartbreaker at home to Christian Heritage, it felt as if the margin could have been larger or smaller but that we were the better team on the floor. From Chris Clark's outrageous and amazing moves that lit up the home team to Mitch's almost methodical backdoor passes to a wide-open, cutting Adrian Phillips to Adrian's stoutheartedness following a charge call that soon culminated in an amazing yet terrifying lay-up put in by Jeff Grgas to put us ahead by three- all of these were the components of one of the greatest Warrior games I've ever seen.

To be a part of this team is one of the greatest honors for which I could have ever wanted. This year seems like the second hand of a clock sometimes with the continuing cycles of health and injury- all of which will have no bearing on our mental state of play, of that let me leave you with assurance. I urge you, however, to pray for the health of the players, not that those who hit a jump shot are more important than those who hit the books, but that we are in need of your heavenly supplication being the representatives of such a fine institution. (Being an RS major I have to take care of that kind of stuff)

That being said, we still have a long and arduous road ahead with a couple more contests (Fresno Pacific and Cal Baptist) awaiting us in the first round of league and another complete second half to finish off. The real question or questions for any team coming off a win similar to the magnitude we experienced is, "How will the team respond? Will there be a let down?" Knowing the courage and cohesiveness of this team I'd like to think the answer to those queries will be positive- God willing, they will.

God bless, Beef