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Spotlight Players: Brian Gomes, Chris Gonzales, Mike Kelly, Tine Hardeman

March 10, 2001- Brian Gomes

Brian Gomes

1998-1999 35 56.2 0 0.00 54.1 529 15.1 358 10.2 67 105 126 3 36 1076
1997-1998 31 57.2 0 0.00 59.8 548 17.7 308 9.94 77 148 137 6 37 1049

Brian wore the Warrior uniform from 1997-1999. Brian is a fierce competitor and is known for his toughness. After leaving Westmont, Brian has played professionally in Australia and Canada. Brian's interview perfectly reflects his personality, all business and to the point. The following interview was conducted via email by Michael Payne.

After you left Westmont you played in Australia. What was the league?
"South Eastern Conference in the Australian Basketball Association (ABA)"

What team did you play for?
"Dandenong Rangers"

How did the team do?
"We won 20 and lost 20."

How did you do?
"I led the league in rebounding, was runner up in MVP voting, and Top 5 All-star in ABA."

How would you rank the level of play?

If you had to describe your experience in one word, what would it be?

I heard that you became a certified trainer, is this true? What type of certification do you have?
"Yes, certified trainer, took classes and got certification from ISSA. Lifting weights is my new found friend....."

I heard that you bulked up, are you a linebacker now or what?
"I put on 15 pounds since college...lift religiously."

You and Gonzo ended up on the same team in Winnipeg, how did that happen?
"It was luck, but I'm happy we joined up."

There's a rumor floating around that you finished off your last units, are you an official Westmont graduate?
"Yes sir, graduate I am...got it done!"

What's next for you?
"I leave for Shanghi and Neijing in 3weeks."

Spotlight Players: Brian Gomes, Chris Gonzales, Mike Kelly, Tine Hardeman