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Spotlight Players: Brian Gomes, Chris Gonzales, Mike Kelly, Tine Hardeman

March 4, 2001- Chris Gonzales

Chris Gonzales Basketball CardChris Gonzales Card Back

1999-2000 31 51.9 26 43.3 75.0 574 18.5 235 7.58 85 97 87 38 48 998
1998-1999 35 45.6 18 28.6 68.9 338 9.66 119 3.40 59 79 68 14 43 846

Chris was a Warrior from 1998-2000 and was an Economics/Business major. Chris has always dreamed of playing professionally and he recently finished a stint with the Winnipeg Cyclones of the International Basketball Association (IBA). Chris also participated in Summer Pro League last year and got to test his skills against NBA talent. I recently had the chance to sit down with Chris and ask him a few questions about his experiences. (Interview conducted by Michael Payne)

How would you describe the level of play in the International Basketball Association (IBA)?
"Fairly high, athletically people are very talented. The main thing holding the players back is attitude or history. I played in the NBA summer league and talent wise a lot of guys are there. IBA guard level is high, but there aren't too many good big guys."

What was life like in Winnipeg, Canada?
"Winnipeg is a big city and there is lots of stuff to do. It is really cold, but fortunately you are not outside much. You live the life of a basketball player. You eat, practice, play, workout, and try to find things to do in your free time."

Was it an easy adjustment for you?
"It was hard at times. Especially having a long distance relationship."

The IBA is known for its tremendous Road Trips, is that true?
"The IBA's motto is not to fly. You usually play 3 teams per trip and spend hours and hours on the bus. My first road trip we drove to Billings, Montana then to Desmoines, Iowa, with a final stop for a game in Fargo, North Dakota before ending up back in Winnipeg."

How many games are in the season and how did the Cyclones do?
"We played 40 games and finished 11 - 29. It was the first time ever that I played on a struggling team where the last games didn't matter. We weren't fighting for playoffs or anything and that was difficult."

If you had to sum up your experience with Cyclones in one word, what would it be?
"Tough. It wasn't the best accommodations and it felt like a never-ending summer camp. I was away from friends, people I know, and basketball consumes your life."

What's next for Chris Gonzales?
"Possibly China, and I already have an offer to play for Rock Hampton, Australia. Only time will tell."

Spotlight Players: Brian Gomes, Chris Gonzales, Mike Kelly, Tine Hardeman