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Spotlight Players: Brian Gomes, Chris Gonzales, Mike Kelly, Tine Hardeman

December 2003- Tine Hardeman

Tine Hardeman

The following interview was conducted via a series of emails in December of 2003. Tine Hardeman played for the Warriors from 1951 - 1955 and holds the single game scoring record with 46 points against Chapman. He also played on the first Westmont team to beat cross-town rival UCSB. His family has a long tradition at Westmont:

Hardeman, Tine 1951 -55
Hardeman, T.J. 1975 - 78
Hardeman, Tom 1979 - 80
Hardeman, Todd 1983 - 86

... and granddaughter Katie currently plays for the Lady Warrior's.

Playing Days
Who were the big rivals in your day? Was Biola the big rival?
"Our biggest rival was Pasadena Nazarene. They were super in those years. Now they are Pt. Loma College. As to Biola, they were only getting started in their sports program, so they played mainly Jr. colleges and such. Clyde Cook their President was the big instigator of their program. Coach Jack Seimens and I went down to talk to Clyd when he quit Wheaton College, hoping we could get him to come to Westmont. But, he had his mind made up that he was going to Biola. We didn't press him too much as Biola is a great school too."

You played before the GSAC was created. What did your schedule look like? What teams were you playing?
"Our schedule included: Pepperdine, Long Beach State, Chapman, LaVerne College, Redlands, LA State, Cal Baptist, Cal Poly Pomona and San Louis Obispo...and of course UCSB and Paz Naz plus a few others."

Who was the team to beat during your era?
"UCSB or Paz Naz."

What is your most memorable game as a Warrior?
"A game I really remember was up at Auroyo Grande High School. We were playing Paz Naz for a national YFC conference held there. I had a hot hand and they were trying to stop me every way you can imagine, but it was one of those nights. I was hitting from every where. I remember just taking one big dribble and step over the half court and up for the jumper--all net. I hit for 33 that night. That led YFC to ask me to go on the Venture for Victory team to the Orient and that Changed my Life. Another hot game was at Chapman College. My rhythm was so smooth--I hit for 46 pts. I think that's still the school record."

Westmont Lore
What gym did you play in before Murchison? How was it?
"We played in the Old Armory there by SB High. It was always cold and non descript. It seemed every game was an away game, except our people always came and filled it up. Early on we practiced over in a barn like place called the Community Center. It was the worst gym I've ever played in! Still it was better than being outside. We practiced some in the Boys Club too. The draw back there was the tile floor. I think in my senior year we played in the Santa Barbara High school gym."

In the 1970s & 1980s Westmont's uniforms actually had yellow in them...even though it was never a school color. Did your uniforms have any yellow in them, or the standard maroon & white?
"We wore just Maroon and white (stripes)."

One of the traditions that binds players who have played for Westmont is running in the hills (Ashley, Coyote, Westmont Road, etc.). Did you have to make those runs?
"No we never had to run we were in great shape by our practices. I always felt I could run any one into the ground if they tried to stay with me for a game."

Players who have graduated in the last 20 years feel connected with the program because there have been two coaches for most of those years (Chet & Coach Moore). Because of this continuity players feel like they are part of the same tradition. Since you played earlier, do you still feel a connection with current Warriors?
"Yes, definetly! John Moore was a team mate of my eldest son TJ. I coached at Westmont for two years after I graduated (JV only). Then in 1974 I was the Varsity Coach. They wanted me to stay but I knew lots of people would love to coach at Westmont and that Faith needed a coach. Most people are afraid to go over seas to coach and live. I know the thrill of working with MK's and what they will do for you. I still have a great ministry here, like I plan to take a team out next June and play for two weeks on an Island where no other team has gone. We should play about 20 games and share the Good News with 20 thousand people. About five thousand of those will start studying the Bible in a course we will offer. Now, that's exciting!"

Basketball's Evolution
In the modern era it is rare that NCAA Division I schools play NAIA schools. Westmont players are thankful that UCSB has continued the cross-town rivalry. When you played, was UCSB on the schedule? If so, what were the outcomes?
"Out side of the game I told you about, we usually lost in a hard fought game. They were all real fun."

Basketball has definitely been an evolving sport. What do you feel are the biggest changes in the game?
"Time clock, size of the free throw lane, jump balls, and the three point shot."

Life After Westmont
Briefly describe what you've done after your Westmont days.
"I've been the Coach and taught here at Faith Academy from it's inception. During the summers I've played on the Venture For Victory Basketball teams that came out...many times I would be the Player Coach. I've done this for 45 yrs. Playing in over 3,500 games sharing the Good news. I also played in the big leagues here in Manila for 14 years. They play year around and never give you any rest. My high school teams have never had a losing season. We have won over 1200 games and lost about 200. When my sons were here we went undefeated for 76 games in a row winning the all All Asian Championships both years. We have won the Far East Championships seven times. I don't think there is a living soul who has played more games and shared the Good News to more people. It has been a thrilling life! In 1976 I was awarded the Honor of being chosen as an Outstanding Young Man of America. Jan, my wife A Westmont Alum, and I had four Children. Three boys and one Girl. They all graduated from Westmont and they are all teachers and have coached. They all played ball at Westmont and did well. We are proud to be from Westmont. I'm writing a book about my life and God's hand upon it."

You mentioned that you are currently involved in missionary efforts. Would you like to elaborate on what you are currently doing and how readers can contribute?
"I just shared some of my action. Currently I'm the Varsity Basketball coach. We are currently 7-4...I'm also the sports chaplain and I help with the fund raising for our building projects. With the book, coaching, the fund raising and being the sports chaplain, I've kept pretty busy. "

Reflecting back on your Westmont days, is there a memory that stands out above the rest? On the court and/or off.
"There are a million memories. On the court I think of the time we were down by 5 with seven seconds left vs Whittier College and we came back to win by one. Then there was about our third time we played UCSB. We played at the High school gym and we only had five guys on the varsity and five on the JV. UCSB had a 6'9' center named Dick Acres (a real nice guy). I remember we were ahead at half time and I had four fouls and 11 pts. I was able to stay in the game and score 13 points in the second half and we became the First Westmont Team to beat UCSB. I think Dwight Anderson may have been on that team too."

Links to Tine's missionary efforts
Faith Academy (school website in the Philippine's)
OC International (mission website)

Spotlight Players: Brian Gomes, Chris Gonzales, Mike Kelly, Tine Hardeman